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That will teach you to attack me half-dead on a mount.
That will teach you to attack me half-dead on a mount.
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Posted by Thor
Feb 05, 2005
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Author Topic: Forum Registration & Rules (Updated: 10/19/07)  (Read 4576 times)

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Forum Registration & Rules (Updated: 10/19/07)
« on: Sep. 03, 2003, 01:16:44 PM »
The rules are simple, just act in a mature manner. If your actions are anything but mature then you suffer possible banning from these forums without notice. What is considered mature? Well, if you don't know then you probably shouldn't even consider posting at all, period.

All forum account registrations are set to admin approval. If I don't approve you and you're a legit user then feel free to email me at thor at destroyersofhope dot com (my address is type that way intentionally to avoid spam bots), or else I think you're a spammer and will not approve your account.

Karma is a new feature for us, it's part of these SMF forums. What karma is, is basically what it sounds like, a reflection of your behavior on the forums. Karma shows up under your avatar and in your profile and can be both positive and negative. It has no value on the boards other then indicating your behavior. If you post good material worthy of praise then you will receive an applaud, positive karma. If you post poor, rude, inappropriate, and generally nasty stuff, then you will be smited, negative karma.

The whole point of using karma is simply to reward and acknowledge members who are being great members of these boards, and on the other end to point out those are who aren't.
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