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72 items
12 items
Cartoony and fun!
31 items
Closed beta testing to open beta testing
1 item
Open beta testing
29 items
Another game that didn't last long for us
6 items
Didn't play this long, fun game but major griefing
197 items
God, we spent way too many years wasting away in this game
79 items
Our short stint in CoH
28 items
We spent about 3 years between Allied Assault and Operation Spearhead
5 items
We did some beta testing, some members played it Gold, and some of us returned back for some fun many years later
35 items
This was our follow up to SS
20 items
This is the best game to date; the game where DoH started in 1999
13 items, and 4 in sub-albums
General stuff not game particular.
14 items
All the logos we've used over the years

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 Views: 744
Posted by Connor
May 03, 2010
in Connors Super Awesome Stuff that is awesome
TF2 event
event in dec 2009
 Views: 869
Posted by Connor
Nov 09, 2009
in Team Fortress 2
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evony, it's whats for breakfast.
and by breakfast i mean boobies, and by boobies i mean, there are not any.
 Views: 868
 Comments: 1
Posted by Connor
Jul 30, 2009
in Connors Super Awesome Stuff that is awesome
Zoom Details 1
sean der kommisar
lol i made of faust
 Views: 948
 Comments: 1
Posted by Connor
Jul 15, 2009
in Connors Super Awesome Stuff that is awesome
D&D Miniature Commission Work
Painted some D&D minis on commission.
 Views: 925
Posted by Thor
Jun 25, 2009
in Thor's Stuff

Random Items

Have lots Dominated
 Views: 673
Posted by Woapalanne
Apr 10, 2008
in Team Fortress 2
Welcome to House Phairlan
Welcome to House Phairlan
 Views: 751
Posted by DarkWanderer
Feb 09, 2006
in Dungeons & Dragons Online
Zoom Details 1
Mr. Show in a cage willing to dance for your money.
Mr. Show in a cage willing to dance for your money.
 Views: 636
 Comments: 1
Posted by Thor
Jun 15, 2004
in City of Heroes
Ajax 1 mean ass Tauren
Ajax 1 mean ass Tauren
 Views: 639
Posted by Demuclese
Nov 30, 2004
in World of Warcraft
Shipyard 2
More Beers I found.
 Views: 670
Posted by Connor
Dec 22, 2008
in General

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In sean der kommisar By Thor Jul 22, 2009
In Waznog chilling with Order By Thor Jun 30, 2009
In 44 kills to 7 deaths By Thor Jun 15, 2009
In Spock knows bad words. By Thor Jun 12, 2009

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